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Gardening Is Good For Us

Guess what? Gardening is good for us, especially seniors. [...]

Drug Based On A Spice May Speed Stroke Recovery

A new drug based on a common ingredient of curries is showing promise in the treatment of strokes and is moving on clinical trials on humans. [...]

Skin Cell Spray Gun Dramatically Improves Burn Treatment

A radical new technique that uses a skin stem cell spray gun to treat burns cuts treatment times from weeks or months to hours and dramatically reduces the risks of potentially fatal infections. [...]

New Aging And Memory Impairment Research

Today we look at some three new research studies that cover aging and dementia. [...]

Researchers In The Netherlands Grow Artificial Kidney Cells

Over 350,000 people in the United States require artificial blood cleansing using kidney dialysis equipment. However, the machines are only 15-20% as efficient as healthy kidneys. New research from the Netherlands holds out hope for eventually growing artificial biological kidneys. [...]

More Evidence That Walking Helps The Brain

We’ve written several articles about the benefits of walking. A 10-year study has reinforced previous findings that exercising by walking is good for our brains. [...]

Gene Makes People More Susceptible To Alcohol

Alcohol dependence costs the United States over $200 billion a year and affects over three million seniors, with men being three times more likely to suffer from it than women. Researchers at the University of North Carolina believe that they have found a version of a gene that makes some people feel the effects of alcohol sooner than others. If they are right it may open the way to a treatment that could help the growing number of alcoholics worldwide. [...]

Why We Need To Take Up Juggling

The United States and England were both knocked out of the World [Soccer] Cup this weekend. However, I’m not about to go out and try to refresh my soccer skills. Leaving aside the physical benefits of exercise, a new study shows that seniors are still capable of learning new skills – such as juggling, [...]

Everyone’s Guide to Medical Equipment – Part 20 – Therapy Equipment

We started this series by looking at the equipment that you’d expect to encounter in your physician’s office or a medical clinic. Then we looked at medical monitors, laboratory equipment and many kinds of advanced diagnostic techniques before moving on to look at surgical instruments and systems. We then covered a range of life support equipment. In this article we’ll start looking at equipment used in therapies, ranging from simple devices that can be used at home to advanced systems that can help nurse a patient back to a comfortable recovery. [...]

Are We Kidding Ourselves About Modern Medicine?

It would be nice to think that everything your physician does is based on sound medical science, but a recent study in the United Kingdom found that only just over a third of medical treatments are beneficial, or likely to be beneficial. A similar evaluation by the US government in 1978 reached a similar conclusion, finding that only 10 to 20 percent of medical treatments had evidence of efficacy. [...]

Farmville - Addiction or Therapy?

Although this article is about Zynga’s Farmville, an online game primarily accessed via Facebook, a lot of the points probably apply to all online game communities. Farmville is a free game that allows a player to create a farm and tend and develop it. Any “craze” can turn into an addiction and Farmville is no exception. However, it can also be regarded as a therapy if it isn’t played to excess. [...]

Everyone’s Guide to Medical Equipment – Part 16 – Life Support Devices

In this article (part of a series on medical equipment) we’ll start looking at the many forms of life support equipment. Some of it is portable, used in emergency situations, while others have become a standard part of surgical operations, recovery and life sustainment. [...]

$60 Million Study Planned On Preventing Major Mobility Disabilities

Major mobility disability is defined as the inability to walk a quarter of a mile, or four blocks. Anything that helps delay or prevent this disability could help seniors maintain their physical independence and enhance their quality of life. Regular exercise has been proven to improve physical performance. However, there is no scientific proof that exercise can stave off or prevent major mobility disability. A new six-year study will try to determine whether or not a program of structured physical activity can prevent or delay major mobility disabilities in older adults. [...]

Of Cabbages and Kings

While we wait for the health care reform debate to move forward we may as well take a look at the man of the day – Saint Patrick, the best known patron saint of Ireland. The Irish and people of Irish descent all over the World celebrate his memory on this day, March 17th., every year. In the United States it’s traditional to eat corned beef and cabbage and to wear something green. Many bars serve green beer, something I’ve never taken a liking to, but it’s fun to watch other people enjoying it. Today we take a closer look at Saint Patrick. [...]

Everyone's Guide to Medical Equipment - Part 15 - Eye Surgery

In this series we’ve looked at many kinds of medical equipment, starting with the instruments that you’d expect to find in any physician’s office or medical clinic. After that, we looked at medical monitors, then laboratory and diagnostic equipment, before starting this group of articles on surgical instruments. In the previous article we looked at advanced surgical instruments, including the CyberKnife and systems used for general purpose robotic surgery. In this article we’ll look at eye surgery, in particular, the variants that use lasers, which are most frequently used for treating refractive (focusing) problems [...]

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