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How The Republicans Killed Over 100,000 Americans

The estimated number of uninsured Americans who have died while the Republican politicians in the Senate and Congress played politics and delayed new benefits for the sake of the health care insurers is 100040 [...]

FreedomWorks Runs Damage Control On Medicare

The GOP already had a plan to hide their intent to privatize Social Security. Now they’re being briefed by FreedomWorks on how to lie about their plans for privatizing Medicare. [...]

Ryan’s Plan Bites The Dust

The Democrats may have won a victory by defeating the Ryan deficit reduction plan in the Senate yesterday, but the battle isn’t over… [...]

The GOP Prescription For Medicare – Placebo Or Poison Pill?

The Tea party wants to kill off Medicare. The GOP is soft peddling the Ryan Plan for Medicare overhaul, making it sound more like a free lunch rather than privatization. Is the GOP plan a placebo or a poison pill? [...]

Tea Party Sets Out To Axe Medicare and Medicaid Benefits

The Tea Party and GOP say that they want to overhaul Medicare and Medicaid to save taxpayer’s money. That’s what they say, but it’s far from the truth. These bullies are simply trying to rob the poor, the needy and seniors to line the pockets of their corporate masters. [...]

One Year On – Health Care Reform Progress Explained

It’s a year since the health care reform bill was passed. Where are we now and who is trying to take our benefits away? [...]

Survey Confirms That Most Seniors Believe GOP Lies About Medicare

Yet another survey shows that GOP misinformation about the effects of health care reform, centered on Medicare benefits, is working. [...]

Improving Social Security Benefits Reduces Mortality and Disability

As the battle over the future of our Social Security rages, a new study has shown that it does more for seniors than we thought. [...]

Republicans Haven’t Given Up On Killing Health Care Reform

The GOP isn’t giving up in its bid to repeal the health care reform bill. here’s what they’re up to. [...]

Health Care Reform Crazy Season Kicks Off

Today, just as they promised, the Republicans started their first move to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They don’t care about the insured, the sick, the elderly or anyone other than the corporations that they serve. Despite claims of fiscal responsibility they’re prepared to add $230 billion to the deficit. Can they win? [...]

More Health Care Reform Act Benefits Take Effect

2011 ushers in new benefits and regulations as a result of last year’s Affordable Care Act. A lot of the new benefits affect seniors. [...]

More States Start Work On Health Insurance Exchanges

The governor of the state of Virginia gave the go ahead for the establishment of a health insurance exchange the day after a Virginia federal judge ruled that the related provisions of the health care act are illegal. What’s going on? [...]

British Journalist Confronts Arizona Governor Regarding Transplant Denial

The Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, decided to save money by denying transplants to patients who need them. She is riding roughshod over the advice of physicians and acting as a self appointed “death panel” – a topic that Sarah Palin is still ranting about whenever she talks about health care reform. A British reporter recently nailed her on the subject and got a bizarre response from somebody who strongly opposes health care reform. [...]

Medicare Project Promotes Free Diabetes Screening For Seniors

One of the provisions of the health care reform bills was the addition of free annual diabetes screening for Medicare beneficiaries. Some organizations have been providing it for several years, but the Medicare administrators have issued $2,500 awards to twenty community-based organizations in seventeen states to help publicize the benefit. [...]

U.S. Health System Slammed In New 11-Country Survey

The GOP wants to rollback health care reforms. A new 11-country study shows that the United States fares much worse than others in almost all of the aspects that it covers. The study highlights the need for Affordable Care Act reforms that will ensure access to health care, protect people from medical debt, and simplify health insurance [...]

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