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Amazon.com reached an agreement with the State of California legislature, so the Silver Buzz Cafe Store is back. :-)


“Green” Blogging


We believe in protecting our environment, so the Silver Buzz Cafe web site is hosted on a server in a "green", energy conserving data center. 100% of the power for the datacenter is bought from suppliers that use renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric, windmill and solar plants.


Silver Alerts

The number of Americans with Alzheimer’s is expected to triple to over sixteen million by 2050. The Alzheimer’s Association says that about sixty percent of such patients wander away from their residences at some point. If they’re not found within twenty four hours there’s a fifty percent risk of injury or death. [...]

Five Servings a Day

We all know that we should be eating five servings of fruit and vegetables a day, but we don’t always have the energy to prepare and cook a lot of fancy meals every day. There are millions of recipes out there on the Internet that specialize in meals for busy parents, meals that can be prepared and served in thirty minutes and even meals for seniors. While we’re on the subject of recipes, don’t let all of those great dishes get lost to the next generation. At the very least, take some time to write down all of the recipes that you can remember. [...]

Miss Piggy Can Still Be Your Friend

What if the Swine Flu problem really becomes a pandemic? The health authorities and your regular physician will tell you if any special measures, such as vaccination, are going to be needed. [...]

Is Bottled Water Worth the Cost?

Americans are drinking more bottled water every year, but is it worth the price? Clean water is essential to our health. Everybody knows that dehydration can kill, but drinking water has many more health benefits. It increases metabolism and regulates appetite, helping us to maintain a healthy weight. It is now thought that drinking [...]

Staying In Touch

I’ve been asked what the little icons at the bottom of each post are for, so I thought this would be a good time to explain social bookmarking and to talk about social networking, especially Facebook. [...]

Continuity of Care During and After Hospitalization

A study published in the April 22/29 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that continuity of care was lacking among Medicare patients. Only about one-third of those hospitalized were seen by their own physician while there. We’ve discussed the move to have all health records online as soon as possible. It will certainly help, but in the meantime, don’t assume that somebody else is looking out for your loved one while they’re not in that provider’s office or facility [...]

How Good Is Our Healthcare System?

The United States rightly prides itself as having some of the World’s leading medical research and healthcare facilities. It has produced more Nobel Prize winners for Medicine or Physiology than any other country by a wide margin. Unfortunately, we don’t do as well across the board when it comes to assessments of the effectiveness of healthcare. [...]

The Future of Healthcare?

The US military has been looking at ways to bring more skills to the places where they’re needed by using computers and high speed networks. Telemedicine is becoming more feasible as Internet bandwidth increases. [...]

Life Before Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and for the first time, I think, the government has an EarthDay.gov web site. We’re urged to save energy, use less water, reduce/reuse/recycle and handle toxic substances properly. Take a look at it later as there are lots of good ideas there. [...]

Gadget Roundup

One of the things we’re most conscious of as we age is that it becomes harder to do everyday things, ranging from struggling to read small print in low lighting to being unable to bend down and reach that thing that fell off the dresser and rolled under the bed. There is a huge range of low to high technology gadgets to help us out. [...]

Time for a Break

The economy may be bad, but we all still need a break and if you haven’t already planned a vacation or some short trips then now is the time to do it. Don’t forget “Send A Granny Away”. [...]

Medicare Advantage Scams

The Huffington Post has run a series of articles about scams that persuade seniors to switch from traditional Medicare to alternatives, known collectively as “Medicare Advantage”. These plans are publicly funded but privately administered. Although they seem to offer benefits or savings they often aren’t supported by the physicians and other facilities that accept [...]

Air Quality

A recent study by Dr Douglas Dockery, Head of the Environmental Health Department at Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, tracked the change of air quality in fifty one American cities since the 1980s. Improved diet, healthcare, lifestyle and other factors increased general life expectancy by over two and a half years during the period. [...]

Spring Cleaning Time

Look around you. Do you really need all of that stuff? It’s a good idea to make a plan to methodically check through your den, family room, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fridge/freezer, car, closets, paperwork and computer and get off to a clean start. [...]

Avoiding Elder Abuse

If you’re a relative or friend of an elder I urge you to read more about this subject. There’s plenty of good information out there on the web and in the books I’ve suggested in the store. Care and take care! [...]

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