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We believe in protecting our environment, so the Silver Buzz Cafe web site is hosted on a server in a "green", energy conserving data center. 100% of the power for the datacenter is bought from suppliers that use renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric, windmill and solar plants.


How To Cut Your Phone Bills

Telephones are essential, especially for seniors. They provide a lifeline in terms of emergency and they help us keep in touch with relatives and friends. They can also be used for an Internet connection, which has become an essential part of modern life for those who have taken the plunge and learned how to use it. However, unlike the old days, there is a huge, sometimes bewildering and often unnecessary range of services available via that thin connection that comes into our homes. There are also alternatives. [...]

Why We Need To Take Up Juggling

The United States and England were both knocked out of the World [Soccer] Cup this weekend. However, I’m not about to go out and try to refresh my soccer skills. Leaving aside the physical benefits of exercise, a new study shows that seniors are still capable of learning new skills – such as juggling, [...]

Wall Street Reform Bill Introduces New Consumer Protections

When the House passed a watered down version of the Wall Street reform and consumer protection bill last Friday, President Obama said that he was pleased that it contained 90% of the things he had asked for. He didn’t mention that the 10% they’d omitted contained the most important provisions and that Wall Street will remain largely free to gamble and crash, damaging taxpayers and their customers, just as they did in 2008. However, the consumer protection provisions in the bill fared better than the financial institution regulatory side, despite fierce opposition from the credit card companies and large banks. [...]

Watered Down Wall Street Reform Bill Passes

While the country tries to recover from the effects of the Wall Street meltdown, the House passed a financial reform bill in the small hours of Thursday after a night of back room dealing that significantly weakened the intent of the bill. Today we’ll look at what got lost. We’ll discuss the benefits to consumers tomorrow. [...]

$8M Grant Will Fund Senior Care Telemedicine Study

An $8m rural health initiative grant from the Leona and Harry B. Helmsley Trust in New York will fund a three year test of telemedicine and sensor technology to help frail seniors stay healthier and delay institutional care. It will involve about 1,600 clients in 40 rural cities. [...]

Why Is The Taxpayer Subsidizing The Oil & Gas Companies?

The oil and gas industry has been very successful at providing campaign contributions and lobbying Congress over the years to minimize government regulation of their cash cow. They’re not only good at extracting favors, they also extract billions of Dollars in government subsidies every year. [...]

US Health Care System Ranks Worst In New Study

Think back to all of those criticisms of socialized health care systems that were buzzing around during the health care reform debate. We also still hear our politicians and media making the provably false claim that the United States has the best health care system in the World. However, when the Commonwealth Fund looked at health care systems in seven industrialized countries the results were interesting. [...]

Tea and Coffee As A Protection Against Heart Disease

A new study conducted over a thirteen year period in The Netherlands has concluded that both tea and coffee are beneficial to our hearts. However, the amount consumed each day is very important. [...]

UK Hospital To Map All Of Its Patients' Genes

It was ten years ago this week that President Bill Clinton and United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Tony Blair held simultaneous press conferences in the White House and Downing Street to announce the completion of the first draft of a map of the human genome. Now, London’s Royal Brompton Hospital, a UK National Health Service ( NHS) hospital, has begun decoding all 22,000 genes in each of its 10,000 patients with the help of the Sanger Institute. [...]

Businesses Prevail - The GOP Reveals Its Priorities

One of the strange things about a catastrophe is that politicians love to use such events to grandstand their wares. The BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is that it has sharply delineated the White House’s and the Republican opposition’s approach to who should be held accountable. [...]

California To Use Outside Analysts To Investigate Health Insurance Rate Hikes

Back in February we reported that United States Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had sent a letter to Anthem Blue Cross President Leslie Margolin calling on the company to publicly justify its decision to raise premiums by as much as 39% for its California customers. California’s Department of Insurance announced this week that they will hire outside analysts to review rate increases proposed by the state’s four largest health insurers [...]

Best Practices?

As the ongoing saga in the Gulf of Mexico evolves and congress interrogates BP executives, it’s worth having a look at the regulatory and safety regimes imposed on the offshore oil drilling industry here and overseas. The whole world is watching this incident and it’s already very obvious that The United States government has been lax in it’s oversight of the industry. [...]

Study Recommends Fighting Type II Diabetes With The Right Foods

Many studies have shown that controlling body weight and exercising regularly are key factors in avoiding type 2 diabetes. It’s also important to control the amount of sugar and fat in the diet. A new study1also found that consuming brown, rather than white, rice may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. In this article we’ll also look at other foods that experts in avoiding and controlling the disease have recommended. Some of them are counter-intuitive. [...]

BP Oil Disaster Spill Estimator

BP has consistently understated the amount of oil being spilled into the Gulf of Mexico every day since the blowout and explosion that destroyed the Deepwater Horizon rig on April 10, 2010. It may be that they don’t have an accurate figure, or they may simply be trying to stave off fines that may be related to the size of the spill. We’ve produced an estimator to try to track what may be happening. [...]

$125 Million Campaign Intends To Explain Health Care Reform Benefits

With the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico continually in the news and the congress focussed on financial industry reform, most people have forgotten about the new health care reform benefits. The Democrats are worried that Republicans may still campaign on rolling back the reforms, so a group of White House supporters is rolling out a five-year campaign aimed at explaining the benefits to the public. [...]

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