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Political Influencers and Lobbyists – Part 3 – Lobbying

In the previous article in this series we looked at political interest groups. In this one we’ll look at the $3.5 billion lobbying industry. [...]

Draft Bill Focuses On Medicare Fraud

The government estimates that around 20% of Medicare claims are fraudulent. If true, that amounts to around $75 billion of wastage within the system every year. One of the aims of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) during the formulation of the recent health care reform bills was to focus on the problem and reduce Medicare fraud to help pay for new provisions. A draft bill aimed at addressing the problem, H.R.5044 – “Medicare Fraud Enforcement and Prevention Act of 2010″, was introduced on April 15th. but it received little attention in the wake of the bigger bills. [...]

Some Thoughts On The Immigration Issue

Yesterday a federal judge stopped the most controversial aspects of Arizona’s new law on dealing with illegal immigrants from becoming enforceable. Today we’re taking a broad look a the thorny issue of illegal immigration. [...]

Activating Sirtuin May Help Control Alzheimer’s Disease

There are an estimated 37 million people worldwide, including 5.3 million in the United States, who live with some form of dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most prevalent. New research by Gizem Donmez, Leonard Guarente and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has shown that activating sirtuin also appears to suppress Alheimer’s and destroying it made the condition much worse. [...]

Parkinson’s Disease Study Will Use Stem Cells

Parkinson’s disease is the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the United Kingdom and is currently affecting about 120,000 people there. More than half a million Americans are affected by it any given time and about 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every year. An Oxford University team will use adult stem cells to study the potential of using a person’s stem cells to treat the disease. [...]

Things That Every Caregiver Needs To Know

With more than 65 million people in the United States serving as informal caregivers, generally for family members, it’s important that they learn how to find their way through the entangled web of information connected to the cared person’s case. [...]

Political Influencers and Lobbyists – Part 2 – Interest Groups

In the previous article we looked at the various ways that individuals, groups and corporations seek to influence the outcome of votes on issues and for political appointments. Today we’ll take a look at political interest groups that apply various kinds of advocacy to pursue their goals. [...]

Political Influencers and Lobbyists – Part 1 – Introduction

We all know that corporations and special interests spend a lot of money trying to influence what and who we vote for. There are many legal channels for trying to influence voters and lobby politicians who are in office. We’ll take a brief look a them today and will then take a more detailed look that will describe how they work, who the major players are, how much they spend and who receives their money. We’ll also try to identify their actual impact on previous campaigns. [...]

The Right Wing Disinformation Machine

The Intelligence Community has been using propaganda and disinformation to worry and confuse the enemy since time immemorial. However, the GOP and its political channel, Fox News, is using the same techniques to cause confusion and mayhem to pursue their, so far ill-defined, agenda. [...]

Nasal Zinc May Have Caused Loss Of Smell

Many people turn to homeopathic remedies to try and reduce the effects of colds. Nasal gels and swabs that contained zinc were available over the counter until The FDA requested manufacturers to stop selling them in June 2009, amid concerns about their safety. There were reports of anosmia – loss of the sense of smell, but no scientific proof of a link. [...]

Waterborne Infections Cost the United States Over Half a Billion Dollars Annually

A study conducted in 13 US states in 2008 forced the closure of one in eight public pools for public health and safety code violations. Approximately 13,500 of the 112,000 pools inspected were found to be in serious violation of health and safety codes and were immediately closed down. Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) released a report that estimates the cost of waterborne infections to the United States health care system at around $539 million a year. [...]

FDA Panel Votes To Leave Dangerous Drug On The Market

SmithKline Beecham introduced Avandia, a type of diabetes drug known as insulin sensitizers in 1996. They launched an aggressive $34 million “Ask Your Doctor” advertising campaign and in its first full year on the market, Avandia reached $647 million in sales. In 2006, Avandia generated $2.1 billion in revenue for GlaxoSmithKline. Based on the [...]

United States Ranks Ninth In End Of Life Care Index

Sarah Palin has repeatedly lied about the government’s intent to set up “death panels“, regurgitating her claims again last week. She also cited the United Kingdom (UK) as a place where shadowy bureaucrats get to decide whether a sick person lives or dies. She’ll be shocked by the findings of an international study of end of life care. [...]

BP Oil Leak Temporarily Stemmed

The watered down financial reform bill passed yesterday, but that event was eclipsed by BP’s announcement that they have temporarily capped the oil well that has been out of control for almost three months. Today we take a brief look at possible outcomes. [...]

Are The GOP Leaders Mentally Ill?

Key GOP leaders bowed to pressure from the ultra-conservative Club for Growth this week and pledged to work to repeal the recent health care reform bills. If you look at the list of benefits that click in this year alone, it’s hard to understand why anyone would want to repeal them.

The Republicans [...]

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