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Goodbye 2010!

Happy New Year everyone! We’ve gathered together a few of our favorite postings from this year. Enjoy! [...]

The Amygdala Hits The Headlines

Two recently pieces of research, one done as a result of a broadcaster’s whim, have cast light on things that amygdalae seem to influence. [...]

Quantum Mechanics May Help Find A Way To Repair Damaged DNA

An interdisciplinary study into the mechanisms that cause damage to human DNA that started almost 15 years ago is starting to yield significant results. The Indian study combines quantum mechanics with the more conventionally associated disciplines of molecular biology and chemistry. [...]

New Law May Eventually Make Our Food Safer

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act looks good on the surface, but what lurks beneath it? Will it really make our food safer, or has the Act been tainted by the food industry? [...]

FCC Adopts Weak Net Neutrality Rules

The FCC commission charged with setting net neutrality rules has voted in favor of new rules, but they may create more problems than they solve. [...]

Fox News Distorts Facts To Smear Study On News Media Distorting Facts

The Fox News Channel, long labeled “Faux News” by left wing pundits, came out worst in a study of the effects of political misinformation by the major news channels. Not surprisingly, their Senior Vice President for News immediately tried to smear the source of the study by misquoting another one. [...]

More States Start Work On Health Insurance Exchanges

The governor of the state of Virginia gave the go ahead for the establishment of a health insurance exchange the day after a Virginia federal judge ruled that the related provisions of the health care act are illegal. What’s going on? [...]

It’s Time For A Holiday Safety Check

Holiday time brings a whole range of new hazards into our lives. Prevention is better than cure. We look at some of the most common problems and what do do about them. [...]

British Journalist Confronts Arizona Governor Regarding Transplant Denial

The Republican Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, decided to save money by denying transplants to patients who need them. She is riding roughshod over the advice of physicians and acting as a self appointed “death panel” – a topic that Sarah Palin is still ranting about whenever she talks about health care reform. A British reporter recently nailed her on the subject and got a bizarre response from somebody who strongly opposes health care reform. [...]

Researchers In The Netherlands Grow Artificial Kidney Cells

Over 350,000 people in the United States require artificial blood cleansing using kidney dialysis equipment. However, the machines are only 15-20% as efficient as healthy kidneys. New research from the Netherlands holds out hope for eventually growing artificial biological kidneys. [...]

Breakthrough In Common Cold Research

Viruses kill twice as many people every year as cancer and they are much harder to defeat than bacteria. One of the main reasons is that they can get inside cells, away from the body’s immune systems and antibiotic drugs that can kill bacteria. New research shows that they can carry their own destiny with them in the form of antibodies that will precipitate their death. [...]

Palin Imagines Death Panels Again But Ignores A Real One In Arizona

Sarah Palin has started ranting about “death panels” again, this time in in response to the bipartisan deficit commission, which won’t see its recommendations taken to congress as they failed to achieve the necessary votes. Meanwhile, Arizonan transplant patients are dying as a direct result of callous Governor Jan Brewer’s unnecessary budget cuts. [...]

Medicare Project Promotes Free Diabetes Screening For Seniors

One of the provisions of the health care reform bills was the addition of free annual diabetes screening for Medicare beneficiaries. Some organizations have been providing it for several years, but the Medicare administrators have issued $2,500 awards to twenty community-based organizations in seventeen states to help publicize the benefit. [...]

Fiscal Responsibility – #6 – An Alternative View Of The Tax Cut Deal

Progressives are outraged at the tax cut extension deal that the President seems to have brokered. What they haven’t noticed is that the lower and middle income Americans will have a net gain, but the rich Americans won’t see a break at all. They’ll end up worse off than now. [...]

Advanced Robotics Making Great Strides In Health Care

Japan, which has a higher percentage of older people than any other country in the world, has been exploring the use of robotics in health care for many years. One of their latest developments can help stroke victims learn to walk again. [...]

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