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Amazon.com reached an agreement with the State of California legislature, so the Silver Buzz Cafe Store is back. :-)


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We believe in protecting our environment, so the Silver Buzz Cafe web site is hosted on a server in a "green", energy conserving data center. 100% of the power for the datacenter is bought from suppliers that use renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric, windmill and solar plants.


Radioactivity Revealed As The Latest Threat From Oil and Gas Frac’ing Sites

The oil and gas drilling industry’s use of hydraulic fracturing has been shown to be a threat to our drinking water supplies because of the chemicals involved. Now a new threat has emerged – radioactivity in our water and the food chain. [...]

Wisconsin Government Workers – All We Want Are The Facts, Ma’am

The press has been badly misrepresenting the reasons driving the standoff in Wisconsin, which was caused by Governor Scott Walker’s union bashing strategy. [...]

If She Only Had A Brain

How is it that the Republicans get all upset when President Obama makes the customary bow to a head of state that he is visiting, but they had no problems with President Bush giving his buddy, the Saudi’s King, a nice kiss at the White House? [...]

Improving Social Security Benefits Reduces Mortality and Disability

As the battle over the future of our Social Security rages, a new study has shown that it does more for seniors than we thought. [...]

So Be It – Axing Government Jobs – Part 1 – Defense

House Speaker John Boehner isn’t worried about forcing government workers out of their jobs, saying “So be it.” In this series we suggest some cost cutting ideas for King John, starting with axing the defense budget. [...]

Europeans Clamp Down On Fake Drugs

Fake medications are a worldwide problem. Sales of counterfeit drugs in Europe have more than doubled in the past five years. The European Union has issued a directive aimed at curbing the scams. [...]

Drug Based On A Spice May Speed Stroke Recovery

A new drug based on a common ingredient of curries is showing promise in the treatment of strokes and is moving on clinical trials on humans. [...]

New Dementia Care Model Improves Health And Lowers Costs

A new model for dementia care resulted in improved health for older adults and their family caregivers and lower healthcare costs. [...]

Republicans Haven’t Given Up On Killing Health Care Reform

The GOP isn’t giving up in its bid to repeal the health care reform bill. here’s what they’re up to. [...]

The High Speed Network Inside Our Heads

New research has shown that the white matter in the brain, which connects the gray matter areas, plays a larger role than was previously believed. [...]

Lifestyle Has More Effect On Longevity Than Our Genes

It has long been thought that if our parents lived to a respectable old age then we will too. New research shows conclusively that other factors are more important. [...]

Skin Cell Spray Gun Dramatically Improves Burn Treatment

A radical new technique that uses a skin stem cell spray gun to treat burns cuts treatment times from weeks or months to hours and dramatically reduces the risks of potentially fatal infections. [...]

Preventive Dental Care Saves Money

Putting off routine visits to the dentist may cost more than you think. Medicare might save money by providing preventive dental care too. [...]

Drilling Companies Injected Diesel Oil Into Wells

A congressional report has revealed that oil and gas drilling companies injected over 32 million gallons of fluids containing diesel oil into wells between 2005 and 2009 without any regard for regulations or the safety of drinking water supplies. [...]

The Eatwell Plates

Today we look at two “Eatwell” plates, comparing and contrasting one from the UK government and another based on teh US government’s food pyramid. [...]