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Amazon.com reached an agreement with the State of California legislature, so the Silver Buzz Cafe Store is back. :-)


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We believe in protecting our environment, so the Silver Buzz Cafe web site is hosted on a server in a "green", energy conserving data center. 100% of the power for the datacenter is bought from suppliers that use renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric, windmill and solar plants.


A Bridge Too Far

China opened the World’s longest bridge today. They’re also building the new San Francisco Bay Bridge near Shanghai! [...]

Google’s Alternative To Facebook

Is Google+ a Facebook killer? Probably not, but it has some really useful features that we really like the look of. [...]

Substance Found To be Effective In Improving Memory

Researchers have isolated a compound that may improve memory and slow down the onset of dementia, such as that caused by Alzheimer’s Disease. [...]

US Life Expectancy Lagging Other Industrialized Nations

Given the fact that Americans spent twice as much per person health care as people in any other industrialized nation, you’d expect to see some positive results. Unfortunately, we’re not getting value for our money. A study1 by researchers from the United States and the United Kingdom have compared life expectancies in the U.S. [...]

Republican Governors Are Bad For Your Health

Conclusive proof that Republican governors are bad for your health – specifically, your potential longevity! [...]

Republican Governor Suppresses Report Showing That Private Healthcare Costs More

The Republican Governor of Louisiana wants to privatize health care for state workers and retirees. He is suppressing an independent report that he commissioned because it shows that it won’t be cost effective, will increase costs and reduce benefits. [...]

Chip And PIN Money Cards Make Life Easier When Traveling Abroad

Our old magnetic strip credit cards have been overtaken by newer technologies, making it harder to use plastic to pay for things abroad, where the newer Chip and PIN technology is used instead. Here’s a solution to the problem. [...]

The Koch’s Plot To Destroy Social Security

The Koch brothers have mounted a campaign to kill Social Security. Here’s their strategy and the results so far. [...]

Olive Oil May Help Seniors Avoid Strokes

A new study suggests that consuming olive oil as an alternative to other cooking fats and as part of a healthy balanced diet that is low in saturated fat and salt may help seniors avoid strokes. [...]

Create Your Own Clean Energy The Easy Way

Google is backing a company that makes it cost effective for homeowners to start using solar power immediately with no upfront investment. [...]

Republicans Want To Cut Healthcare Benefits For 1.3 Million Veterans

Just when we thought they couldn’t stoop any lower (after cutting emergency food benefits for infants, children, women and seniors last week), the Republicans are now going after Veteran’s healthcare benefits. [...]

Drug Companies To Lower Prices In The Developing World

Several of the Big Pharmas announced price cuts for vaccines supplied to developing countries this week. [...]

Republicans Plan To Starve The Poor

The GOP plan for the nation rolls on – they want hit the weakest people as hard as they can by cutting off Medicare, Social Security and now they’re targeting emergency food programs, putting infants, children, women and seniors at risk. [...]

Scientists May Have Discovered A Way To Block Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists find antibodies that block the development of Alzheimer’s. [...]

Electronic Health Records Usage Still Low In The United States

A new Commonwealth Fund study shows the United States and Canada lagging the five other developed countries in the use of electronic health records. [...]

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