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Amazon.com reached an agreement with the State of California legislature, so the Silver Buzz Cafe Store is back. :-)


“Green” Blogging


We believe in protecting our environment, so the Silver Buzz Cafe web site is hosted on a server in a "green", energy conserving data center. 100% of the power for the datacenter is bought from suppliers that use renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric, windmill and solar plants.


A Science Lesson For The Tea Party

Michele Bachmann says that Hurricane Irene and the 5.9 earthquake in Virginia were messages from God. She also denigrates man-made climate change theories. Why? [...]

Five Inherited Genetic Variants May Indicate A High Risk Of Prostate Cancer

A potential link between five inherited gene mutations may lead to a more accurate way to assess the prognosis for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer. [...]

All You Need To Know About The GOP Primary Candidates

If you’re going to vote for a GOP candidate in the Republican primaries, here’s a reminder of what they all stand for. [...]

How The Tea Party Saved A Trillion And Cost Us Trillions More

Should the Tea Party be relabeled as the Serfer’s Party? [...]

Debt Ceiling Deal Contains A Trojan Elephant

The Republicans have planted the equivalent of the legendary Trojan Horse in their war on middle and working class Americans. [...]