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The New Republican Mantra – We Don’t Care!

It’s been a very revealing week in politics. A lot of people noticed the calls from the audience during the Tea Party Debate this week. When Wolfe Blitzer double checked a position with Presidential hopeful Ron Paul. Blitzer asked him whether he would allow an uninsured person with a life threatening condition to die. Several people in the audience yelled “Yeah”. You can see the whole dialog below. It’s worth noting that Republicans were responsible for delaying health care reform provisions that would have helped reduce the number of uninsured people (amounting to 1 in 6) in the nation. You can see how many people they’ve killed in the “A Grim Reminder” section at the top right of this page. If they repeal the health care reforms they’ll kill any more. The really strange thing is that they just don’t care.

Meanwhile, right wing televangelist Pat Robertson caused real furor among real Christians when he suggested divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer’s Disease during his “700 Club” show. He was answering a viewer a who had asked what advice a man should give to a friend who began seeing another woman after his wife was diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s. I wonder what Jesus Christ would have thought about Robertson’s advice?

We know that Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is about as callous as anyone can be, but now he’s trying to get federal disaster relief funds for people in Virginia by insisting that funds that have already been granted for programs to create jobs in Michigan be cut to provide the aid to his State. Cantor knows that the programs that he is trying to cut have already created jobs, notably when Ford moved production back to Michigan from Mexico, and that they’ll create more. If anyone needed proof that the Republicans will do anything to keep the economy from improving, even when it comes to holding up the creation of jobs, then this is it.

We have a suggestion for Rep. Cantor – abolish the Bush tax cuts. That will give you plenty of funds for disaster relief and will reduce the national debt and improve the economy. However, as we know you won’t do that, why not take the GOP line that people should fend for themselves? If your electorate hasn’t insured themselves against earthquakes and other disasters – tough! Get over it! See if your church can help out, if the building’s still there and everyone hasn’t left town because they’re now homeless and didn’t have their own insurance. Remember, we’re the GOP, we don’t care about anyone other than the large corporations and billionaires that we really work for.

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