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Cumulative IQ Of Republican Presidential Lineup Halves Overnight

Jon Huntsman withdrew from the Republican primaries this morning. The best he achieved was a 5% backing in the South Carolina polls. Most of the time he wavered around 1%. However, despite the fact that many of his views are far too right wing for me, he made a lot of sense when given a chance to talk about his views and concerns. His term as President Obama’s Ambassador to China gave him ideal skills for this century, with China rising and the United States battling to maintain its place in the world.

Huntsman was battered by Republicans and the other candidates for revealing that he could speak Chinese. Republicans seem to regard anyone who can speak a foreign language as un-American, a label that they apply to anyone who doesn’t fit into their other hate-mongering categories. Newt Gingrich (or one of his Super PACs) is currently running an ad that likens Mitt Romney to Dukakis and Perry, using the tenuous line that they can all speak French. Doesn’t Dr. Newtron know that French is the language of diplomats?

His Super PAC also inferred that Huntsman may be a Manchurian Candidate, named after the book and movie where an American is tortured and brainwashed by the Chinese, then manipulated into running for President. The Republicans didn’t seem to worry, last time around, about the fact that John McCain had actually been captured and tortured by the Chinese-backed North Vietnamese.

We’ll miss Huntsman. He’s smart and will probably be back in 2012 as he has his own rich backer in the shape of his father. However, this time around he made the cardinal mistake of thinking that this election was like the ones that used to be run, before the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people for the purpose of electioneering. Ironically, it was Newt Gingrich who first fell foul of the ruling, when Mitt Romney and his Super PAC blasted Gingrich with millions of Dollars worth of negative advertising. Dr. Newtron found his own billionaire and is fighting back with negative ads about Romney’s time at Bain Capital. Perry has found some backing, but Santorum hasn’t, so far. Ron Paul may keep up by garnering small donations from his many supporters, but doesn’t stand a chance of winning.

Things are going just the way that this right-wing Supreme Court seems to have wanted them to go. This election won’t be won on issues and leadership capabilities. The Republican nomination and perhaps the Presidency will go to the highest bidder. The billionaires who spend most will rule the country. Democracy exists overseas, but not here in the USA any more. Welcome to your future as a serf.

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