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We believe in protecting our environment, so the Silver Buzz Cafe web site is hosted on a server in a "green", energy conserving data center. 100% of the power for the datacenter is bought from suppliers that use renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric, windmill and solar plants.


Finger Pointing May Be At An End In European E. Coli Outbreak

It has taken more than a month for European authorities to track down the most probable source of the E. coli outbreak that has made almost 4,000 people ill and killed over 40 so far. [...]

Olive Oil May Help Seniors Avoid Strokes

A new study suggests that consuming olive oil as an alternative to other cooking fats and as part of a healthy balanced diet that is low in saturated fat and salt may help seniors avoid strokes. [...]

Republicans Plan To Starve The Poor

The GOP plan for the nation rolls on – they want hit the weakest people as hard as they can by cutting off Medicare, Social Security and now they’re targeting emergency food programs, putting infants, children, women and seniors at risk. [...]

USDA Replaces Food Pyramid Guide With A Clearer Food Plate

The USDA has replaced its food pyramid with a simpler food plate that more clearly shows Americans what a good plate of food should consist of. [...]

Gardening Is Good For Us

Guess what? Gardening is good for us, especially seniors. [...]

So Be It – Axing Government Jobs – Part 2 – Health & Human Services

Today we look at a means to cut about $850 billion off of the federal budget – by abolishing the US Department of Health and Human Services. [...]

The Eatwell Plates

Today we look at two “Eatwell” plates, comparing and contrasting one from the UK government and another based on teh US government’s food pyramid. [...]

New Aging And Memory Impairment Research

Today we look at some three new research studies that cover aging and dementia. [...]

New Law May Eventually Make Our Food Safer

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act looks good on the surface, but what lurks beneath it? Will it really make our food safer, or has the Act been tainted by the food industry? [...]

Diets Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids Protect Against AMD

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects older adults that affects vision as a result of the damage it causes to the retina. If left untreated it can lead to rapid vision loss. Researchers have confirmed that diets that are naturally rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can help protect against the condition. [...]

Private Wells May Accentuate Zinc Hazard

Zinc is essential to our health. However, excess zinc can cause a number of serious conditions. New research highlights the dangers of zinc in water from private wells. [...]

New Research Triggers Calls For A Ban On Genetically Modified Seeds

Genetically Modified (GM) foods don’t receive much coverage in the United States, perhaps because the seed, agrochemical and food companies have managed to quell discussion of their potential effects. The FDA continues to insist that they are safe, despite mounting evidence to the contrary and proven concerns about the use of associated herbicides. [...]

Beware of Miracle Mineral Supplement®

Miracle Mineral Supplement® and Miracle Mineral Solution can lead to severe health problems and consumers should discard any that they have immediately, according to the FDA. [...]

Eat Smart

We post several articles a month that cite new information about the relationship between the foods that we eat, or don’t eat, and our health. Today we’re going to summarize all of the advice or indicators that we’ve found in previous articles about foods that seem to be good for our health. [...]

Berries May Slow Aging Brain’s Decline

In our previous article we mentioned the role of cells called microglia in repairing damaged tissues in the body. New research that looked at their affect in the aging brain has discovered an important new link between foods and the role that microglia play there. [...]

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