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We believe in protecting our environment, so the Silver Buzz Cafe web site is hosted on a server in a "green", energy conserving data center. 100% of the power for the datacenter is bought from suppliers that use renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectric, windmill and solar plants.


The Gold Buying Party Scam

Beware of gold buying parties! You’ll almost certainly be ripped off. Here’s how… [...]

Link Found Between Hypertension And Declining Walking Speed

Many studies have proven that walking as little as a mile several times a week is good for our health. New research has discovered an, as yet unexplained, link between high blood pressure and walking speed. [...]

Fighting Medicare Fraud By Educating and Recruiting Seniors

A new Administration on Aging campaign will run a series of Public Service Announcements aimed at educating seniors to the risk of Medicare fraud. It will be backed by a bolstered Senior Medicare Patrol. Don’t worry – they’re not vigilantes. There’s also an opportunity to volunteer. [...]

Radioactivity Revealed As The Latest Threat From Oil and Gas Frac’ing Sites

The oil and gas drilling industry’s use of hydraulic fracturing has been shown to be a threat to our drinking water supplies because of the chemicals involved. Now a new threat has emerged – radioactivity in our water and the food chain. [...]

Europeans Clamp Down On Fake Drugs

Fake medications are a worldwide problem. Sales of counterfeit drugs in Europe have more than doubled in the past five years. The European Union has issued a directive aimed at curbing the scams. [...]

Drilling Companies Injected Diesel Oil Into Wells

A congressional report has revealed that oil and gas drilling companies injected over 32 million gallons of fluids containing diesel oil into wells between 2005 and 2009 without any regard for regulations or the safety of drinking water supplies. [...]

Simulators May Help Seniors Keep Driving Longer

Everyone knows that driving skills deteriorate rapidly as we age. Many states have tests designed to take unsafe drivers off of the road, but a new study suggests an alternative approach. [...]

It’s Time For A Holiday Safety Check

Holiday time brings a whole range of new hazards into our lives. Prevention is better than cure. We look at some of the most common problems and what do do about them. [...]

Beware of Miracle Mineral Supplement®

Miracle Mineral Supplement® and Miracle Mineral Solution can lead to severe health problems and consumers should discard any that they have immediately, according to the FDA. [...]

New Super Bug Arrives From Asia

Researchers in the United Kingdom (UK) have identified fifty cases related to a “Super Bug” bacteria that makes an enzyme called NDM-1. Similar infections have been seen in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and the USA and the researchers say that NDM-1 could become a major global health problem. [...]

Waterborne Infections Cost the United States Over Half a Billion Dollars Annually

A study conducted in 13 US states in 2008 forced the closure of one in eight public pools for public health and safety code violations. Approximately 13,500 of the 112,000 pools inspected were found to be in serious violation of health and safety codes and were immediately closed down. Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) released a report that estimates the cost of waterborne infections to the United States health care system at around $539 million a year. [...]

Proposed Device Could Reduce Deaths On Rural Roads

There were over 2300 road traffic accidents that resulted in fatalities in the United Kingdom in 2008 and 60% of them occurred on rural roads. The proportion is approximately the same in the United States, where 57% of road fatalities occur in rural areas, even though only 27% of the overall population live there. The first people to arrive at the accident scene will probably not be trained in triage, so a team of clinicians, computing scientists and physiologists from the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland, is developing a device that would provide medical advice and support for injured persons. [...]

Learn How To Be a Better Patient

The Joint Commission is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1910 to “evaluate health care organizations and inspire them to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality and value.” They have produced an online quiz that is aimed at improving patients’ knowledge of health safety issues. [...]

iPhone Apps For Seniors - Part 1 - Health Related

There are now tens of thousands of application (“Apps”) in the iPhone/iTunes store, many of them free and hardly any costing more than a few Dollars. Most Apps also run on the iPad, which has a much larger screen. In this series of articles we’ll look at ones that seniors will find useful, starting with health related ones. [...]

Everyone’s Guide to Medical Equipment – Part 17 – More Life Support Devices

So far in this series we’ve covered: the basic equipment that you would expect to see in a physician’s office or a medical clinic; monitoring devices; laboratory equipment; advanced diagnostic and surgical equipment. In the previous article we started looking at life support devices, focusing on various kinds of machine to help patients breath, or to keep their blood oxygenated and circulating while their lungs or hearts recover. In this article we’ll look at defibrillators, devices designed to start or stabilize the signals that make our hearts beat. [...]

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